Collection: Artificial tulips and spring bloomers

Artificial tulips and spring bloomers! In the spring I give artificial flowers such as artificial tulips or other spring flowers a place in my rural interior. From plastic tulips in a pot to parrot tulips , peony tulips and blue grape hyacinths, I sell artificial flowers that look just like real ones. Now also tulip bouquets available! Would you rather just view our fake tulips ?

Artificial tulips, spring bloomers and artificial flowers with root ball

Artificial tulips, my latest collection has arrived again! This can be read in detail in myblog! Just in time for the upcoming spring! But first: what are artificial tulips anyway? Artificial tulips are tulips made of plastic and/or silk that look just like real ones. From long to short tulips or fake tulips in a pot, everything is possible these days. So I would say: treat yourself to these artificial flowers that bloom all season long! My spring collection offers an extensive range of artificial tulips in various colors and styles to brighten up any room. Please read on if you want to know which colors and lengths of tulips and spring flowers I sell.


Where can I buy artificial tulips?

You can buy artificial tulip flowers at Hillary'sHome. Are you looking for high-quality artificial tulips for your home? When purchasing, I look for tulips that look just like the real thing. I don't want a tulip in my house that you can immediately tell is fake. I have a wide choice of artificial flowers, including beautiful spring flowers and artificial plants such as tulips and blue grapes for spring. Visit my online webshop or browse through our online collection to discover your favorite plastic artificial flowers. Would you rather see it in real life? This is possible in my national home furnishings store during an open house in Bennekom.


What colors of tulips are there?

My artificial tulip bouquets are carefully designed to look as realistic as possible. The tulip bunches that I offer range from 25cm to 47cm long. With the latest technology in plasticartificial flowers and artificial plantsI have a wide range of colors including red, orange, yellow, black, white, pink, taupe and more! Mixed tulips are also available! How nice is it to personalize your space with spring tulips for a unique and lively look. Tip: Combine several bunches of parrot tulips in different colors together for an attractive tulip bouquet in your living room!


What are parrot tulips?

Parrot tulips originated from a mutation of late flowering and Triumph tulips. The appearance of the parrot tulip is a bit coarser but still nice! I managed to get 4 colors of artificial parrot tulips! Namely in the cream that looks a lot like white. Red, purple and pink parrot tulips are now also available in my rural and sober living webshop. Would you like to add nature to your desk, home accessories or coffee table? Our parrot artificial tulips are the perfect choice for this.


Bonus: artificial plants in a pot

Last week I managed to get new artificial plants in pots. From artificial tulips in pots to blue grapes and even pink grapes in pots! Why are potted tulips so useful? The artificial tulips are very useful for in a lantern or in a wreath that lies on a table, for example. They remain upright. Last year these spring artificial flowers went really well! From now on, enjoy the beauty of fake from next spring tulips, packed in a handy pot that you can place anywhere.