Collection: Own brand

Our own brand collection is exclusive and unique. These products feature a Hillary'sHome logo ! From trays to plateaus or ornaments, we now have a fairly large range of own brand products. Would you rather see it in real life first or do you have a question? Then look here .

Unique home accessories with your own brand logo

At Hillary'sHome you will find a beautiful collection of own brand products that fit perfectly with a rural living style. Our own brand accessories are unique and stamped with our logo. Below you can read more about what you can expect from our collection and how you can use these items in your home.

The most beautiful rural home accessories

Our own label products cover a wide rangerural home accessories for your home, including platforms, trays, steel hearts and wall plates. Each item is designed with an eye for detail and quality, so that you always get something special.

Platters and trays

The plateaus and trays from our own label collection are perfect for presenting decorative items or serving snacks and drinks. They are made of high-quality materials such as wood or concrete and have a stylish, rural look. Use arural plateauon your dining table, coffee table or in the kitchen for a practical and beautiful addition to your interior.

Hearts of steel

Our steel hearts are unique decorative items that bring a cool and warm atmosphere to your home. Hang them on the wall, on a door or use them as part of a table decoration. The steel hearts are available in different sizes, so you will always find one that fits perfectly on your wall.

Wall plates

Wall signs are a great way to decorate your walls and add a personal touch to your interior. Ourown label wall signshave beautiful rural designs and are made of sustainable materials. Hang them in the kitchen, living room or hallway for a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Unique items for your home

At Hillary'sHome it's all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Our own label products are specially designed to help you with this. Each item is unique and brings a piece of our passion for rural home accessories into your home.

Order from Hillary'sHome

Don't hesitate any longer and discover our own label productsnational and sturdy webshop. Before you know it, they will be at your home. Would you rather see the items in real life? Then visit our showroom in Bennekom, Gelderland. We are open every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.