Collection: Greenery & artificial flowers

You can easily order long-lasting green decoration made from natural materials online at Hillary'sHome. A cake, wreath or tuft of greenery is made fresh and manually.

Green work for a fresh look

Green work brings life to any interior. At Hillary'sHome you have the choiceto linger,wreathsorcakes. These elements are perfect to give your space a natural and fresh look. Place them on the table, in the hall or on the wall. Green work requires no maintenance and remains beautiful for a long time.

Realistic artificial flowers

Our collection of very realistic artificial flowers is ideal for those who love flowers but do not want to keep buying new ones.Artificial flowers, also called fake flowers or silk flowers, can hardly be distinguished from real ones. They do not wilt and do not need water.

Shop artificial flowers by color

You can with usartificial flowers by colorto look at. Choosegreen,white,pink,lilac/purple/mauve,blue,cream,brown, orred/orange/yellow artificial flowers. Combine different colors for a lively effect. Or choose one color for a calm look.

Greenery and artificial flower styling

Hillary'sHomehas experience with green work and artificial flower styling. Do you have a specific wish? Please contact us. Greenery and artificial flowers are an excellent choice for any home or office. They create atmosphere without the care of living plants. View our selection and choose the perfect items for your space.