Collection: Rural plateaus

You will find the most beautiful wooden and concrete platforms at Hillary'sHome. There are national plateaus available from our own brand and also from Aura Peeperkorn. The wooden platforms are perfect for presenting lanterns, decorative wreaths and accessories.

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Wooden and concrete platforms

You can buy wooden and concrete platforms at Hillary'sHome. There are wooden platformsAura Peeperkorn collection with decorationsand from my own line Hillary'sHome.Own labelproducts are designed by ourselves! Looking for a concrete platform? You can also find that here, from my own label. Our collection of rural plateaus offers a range of options, including square plateaus, rectangular and round variants. With their handmade natural wooden finish, they are all unique. Perfect for rural, cool and sober living!

Platform styling

Use a rural plateau to display your favorite decorative items, such asLED candles,vasesand plants, presented in a cool way.
You can also use a plateau as a tray! It is a convenient and portable solution to easily serve drinks, snacks and other necessities during social gatherings or cozy evenings at home.

Durable and good quality plateaus

Our trays are made from high-quality wood, making them long lasting and able to withstand everyday use. They are made manually to embellish your interior for years to come.

Square plateaus

We offer you different sizes of trays, including the spacious 70x70cm square tray and the handy 60x60 tray. But also 30x30, 40x40cm and 50x50cm square platforms made of wood. This way you can choose the size that best suits your preference and style.

Round plateaus

Round plateaus are available just like square plateaus made of wood. But also in the concrete. These concrete platforms have my own label and are available in diameters from 20cm to a maximum of 65cm.