Collection: Rural plateaus

Rural plateaus from Aura Peeperkorn and own label Hillary'sHome are perfect for the country-style interior. The wooden platforms are perfect for presenting lanterns, decorative wreaths and accessories. Are you looking for something specific but can't find it? No problem. Contact me and I will help you find the suitable plateau .

Discover the versatility of platforms for a stylish interior

Welcome to Hillary'sHome, where we provide your interior with beautiful platforms that are both functional and aesthetic. There are also trays available from meown labelHillary'sHome! Our collection of tray trays offers a range of options, including square, rectangular and round variants. In wood or concrete! With their natural wooden finish, they add a touch of rural charm to your home.

Discover why you should not miss these versatile trays in your interior.

  • Stylish presentation:Use a plateau tray to elegantly present your favorite decorative items, such as candles, vases and plants. It instantly adds style and visual appeal to any room.
  • Practical use:Trays provide a convenient and portable solution to easily serve drinks, snacks and other essentials during social gatherings or cozy evenings at home.
  • Organization and storage:With different sizes and compartments, trays provide a practical way to organize and store small items such as keys, jewelry and remote controls.
  • Flexibility in styling:Due to the diversity of shapes and sizes of our trays, you can experiment endlessly with the styling and layout of your interior. Create a harmonious composition or play with contrasts.
  • Sustainability and quality:Our trays are made from high-quality wood, making them long lasting and able to withstand everyday use. They are designed to enhance your interior for years to come.
  • Customization options:Hillary'sHome offers trays in different sizes, including the spacious 70x70cm square tray and the handy 60x60 tray. This way you can choose the format that best suits your specific needs.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere:Place a tray with candles, fragrant flowers or other attractive items on a coffee table, sideboard or windowsill and immediately create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your interior.

At Hillary'sHome we understand the importance of a harmonious interior that radiates tranquility.

Our plateaus, available in various shapes and sizes, offer the perfect addition to your rural and sturdy living style. Choose the natural beauty of wood and let your interior come to life with our beautiful trays. Visit our website and discover the versatility of platforms for a stylish and functional interior.

Why would you want plateaus with Hillary'sHome's own label?

  • Stylish design and high quality Our platforms are carefully designed with an eye for style and detail. With our own label you are assured of an exclusive look that perfectly suits your personal taste. In addition, each plateau is manufactured using high-quality materials, making them durable and beautiful for a long time.
  • Practical in use, diverse in application: The Hillary'sHome platforms are not only a feast for the eyes, but also very practical to use. Use them as a basis for presenting snacks and drinks during parties and fun evenings with friends. Or create a stylish display for your favorite decorative items, such as candles, flowers and personal keepsakes.
  • Personalize your interior with our own label: With Hillary'sHome's own label you add a personal touch to your interior. Each platter features our signature label, allowing you to emphasize your unique style and taste. It is a subtle and elegant way to personalize your interior and show who you are.
  • Various sizes and shapes for every room: Our platforms are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can always find one that perfectly suits your specific needs and interior. From square trays to rectangular and round models, there is something for everyone. Choose the size and shape that best suits your interior style and create a harmonious whole.
  • Increase the atmosphere and appearance of your home: With the platforms from Hillary'sHome you give your home an instant boost. Place a beautiful plateau with our own label on your coffee table, dining table, sideboard or even on a wall shelf and see how it transforms the atmosphere and appearance of the room. The platforms serve as true eye-catchers and add a touch of elegance and class to any room.
  • Perfect as a gift for any occasion: Are you looking for an original gift? Our plateaus with our own label are perfect for giving and receiving. Whether it concerns a housewarming, birthday, wedding or other special occasion With a plateau from Hillary'sHome you give a unique and personal gift that the recipient will enjoy for a long time.
  • Order your Hillary'sHome platter today: Don't wait any longer and upgrade your interior with the beautiful platforms from Hillary'sHome with our own label. Order your favorite design today and enjoy the perfect combination of style, quality and personality that our trays offer. Enrich your interior with the unique look of Hillary'sHome and make a statement in your own home. In short, discover the versatility and beauty of Hillary'sHome plateaus with our own label. Create an interior that reflects your personality and enjoy the stylish and practical benefits that these accessories have to offer. Order your favorite platter today and give your interior a unique and personal touch.