Collection: Fake tulips

Fake tulips are substitute artificial flowers for real tulips. These artificial tulips last a long time and look just like real. These beautiful spring flowers are made of plastic and available in various colors and sizes.

Fake tulips that look real

Get a good start to spring with fake tulips that look real. These tulips are made of plastic and fun to decorate with by putting them in a vase. The fake tulips we offer are of very high quality and do not discolour if they are kept out of sunlight. They are typical Dutch tulips with open bulbs and tulips in bud.

Fake tulips and spring bloomers

Fake tulips are fun to combine with other spring flowers such as fritillaria, white grapes and much more. Take a look at our rangeartificial tulips and spring bloomersand combine different artificial flowers with each other. Also read my blog about themost beautiful tulipswithin my range.

Artificial tulips in a pot

Artificial tulips in pots are nice to put in a wooden container and cover with aslice of fresh moss. View onthispage how you can combine artificial tulips in a pot with moss. Also take a look at our large rangetrays, troughs and grit binsto style artificial tulips!

Art parrot tulips

Artparrot tulipsare coarse tulips with a sturdy appearance. We offer them in 4 colors: white, purple, pink and dark pink. Nice to combine them with traditional Dutch tulips. The parrot tulips are made of plastic and look just like real. They are supplied as a bunch with 5 stems. You can also separate this and then use a tulip separately for decoration.

Artificial tulip bouquet

You can buy an artificial tulip bouquet at Hillary'sHome. These tulip bouquets are combinations of a bunch of artificial tulips with gale or thyme. They look cool and are perfect for a vase or pot. In addition, they fit into a cool, sober and rural style at home.