Collection: Silk bouquets

The silk bouquets at Hillary'sHome consist of fake flowers and fake branches. These individual artificial flowers together form a beautiful bouquet for your home or office. You can buy a field bouquet with cool or colorful shades at Hillary'sHome.

An artificial bouquet from Hillary'sHome

An artificial bouquet at Hillary'sHome breathes a breath of fresh air into the world of interior decoration. Our bouquets are composed of carefully selected artificial flowers and branches, which are so lifelike that they can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. With the latest techniques and materials of the highest quality, we ensure that silk artificial flowers are of paramount importance at Hillary's Home.

Sustainable artificial bouquets

Why should you choose an artificial bouquet? The answer is simple: it is easy and sustainable. Real flowers require regular maintenance, such as cutting stems and changing water, but with our artificial bouquets none of that is necessary. They remain beautiful year after year without any effort. A one-time investment in an artificial bouquet from Hillary'sHome means that you can enjoy beautiful flowers for years to come, without weekly trips to the flower stall. This makes it not only a practical, but also an economical choice in the long term.

Benefits of artificial bouquets

An artificial bouquet is ideal for people without green fingers, who have little time or simply want to enjoy a lasting silk bouquet. Artificial flowers are available all year round, unlike seasonal real flowers. This gives you the freedom to bring any theme or color scheme you want into your home, regardless of the season. In addition, artificial bouquets are an excellent choice for people with allergies or pets because they do not spread pollen or are toxic.

Flexible bouquet for every season

Another major advantage of our artificial bouquets is their flexibility. Feel free to place your artificial bouquet anywhere in your home, or change artificial flowers every now and then to give the bouquet a new look. This way your interior always remains fresh and adapted to your current taste or season

The look of a silk bouquet

Real silk flowers no longer exist, although the term 'silk flowers' is still often used for artificial flowers. In reality, a little silk is sometimes used, but these flowers are mainly made of plastic. This plastic is of increasingly better quality, so the flowers stay beautiful longer and discolour less quickly. The artificial bouquets from Hillary'sHome are stunningly realistic. Every detail, from the shape of the leaves and petals to the structure of the flower heart and the twists in the stem, has been carefully recreated. We offer a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, from classic artificial bouquets to modern picking bouquets. A picking bouquet or field bouquet, currently very popular, is characterized by its nonchalant appearance with a mix of long and short stems in various colors, while a classic bouquet often has flower stems of equal length.

The lifespan of a silk bouquet

Although real silk flowers no longer exist, and the term technically refers to plastic flowers, the quality of this material is continuously improving. Artificial bouquets from Hillary'sHome are made to last for years without discoloring. This sustainability makes the investment in an artificial bouquet increasingly attractive. Our extensive range offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a silk bouquet for your living room or your office, it is all possible.

A silk bouquet that cannot be distinguished from the real thing

The silk bouquets from Hillary'sHome can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Attention has been paid to every detail, from the shape of leaves and petals to the texture of the flower heart and the twists in the stems. This meticulous craftsmanship, combined with the high quality of the plastics used, results in artificial bouquets that not only look realistic but also feel lifelike. This lifelike appearance makes ourartificial flowersa fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy beautiful flowers all year round without the care and maintenance of real plants.

Are silk bouquets expensive?

That depends on how you look at it. At Hillary'sHome we believe that buying fresh flowers every week is more expensive than investing in an artificial bouquet that will last for years. If you want a change after a while, you can easily place the bouquet in a new place or store it temporarily to enjoy it again later. You can even rearrange the artificial flowers to create a whole new look!

Real flowers are sensitive

Real flowers often have a hard time under the influence of heating, air conditioning or humidity and wilt quickly. An artificial bouquet from Hillary'sHome is not affected by these circumstances. Enjoy our beautiful artificial and silk flowers in any room, regardless of temperature or humidity!

Want to buy an artificial bouquet online?

You can easily buy a beautiful artificial bouquet at Hillary'sHome. Our bouquets are carefully composed and of top quality. Thanks to our large stock and fast shipping, you will often receive your new bouquet the next day. We offer several secure payment methods, and you won't find an artificial bouquet that looks so real and beautiful for a better price anywhere else.

More than just artificial bouquets at Hillary'sHome

You have probably already seen that we offer beautiful artificial bouquets at Hillary'sHome, but our range goes much further! We also have a wide range of loose artificial flowers,artificial branches,artificial grassesand beautiful green artificial plants. Feel free to take a look at all our other products.

Need help purchasing a silk bouquet?

Have you found a beautiful silk bouquet? Order it easily online via our online store. Would you rather view the artificial flowers and our artificial plants in real life first? That is of course possible. Come view our entire range of artificial bouquets in ourshowroom.