Collection: LED pillar candles

Easily order LED pillar candles in the webshop. Large range of pillar candles with a robust finish. Choice of different colors and sizes. The LED pillar candles have a flickering flame.

LED candles

View the rustic selection of LED pillar candles from high-quality brands such asDeluxe Homeart,CountryfieldandVintage & More. These attractive candles radiate warmth and are perfect for a cozy ambiance in your home. With their realistic and flickering flame, they give the illusion of traditional candles, without the worry of open flames. Enjoy the subtle glow and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

LED candles with flickering flame

The LED candles have a flickering flame. The flame realistically simulates candlelight, without the risk of open fire. This means there is no risk to your pets or children! These candles add an authentic atmosphere to your home, with a focus on safety.

LED pillar candle with remote control

The LED pillar candles have aremote controlavailable. For extra convenience, the remote control is available separately. Effortlessly control your LED candles from anywhere in your home. Create atmosphere without hassle. The remote control provides convenient control, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance. Enjoy the warm glow without getting up. Simple, practical and immediately create the desired atmosphere in your home. That is the smart simplicity of our LED pillar candles.

LED candles that look just like real

LED candles that are indistinguishable from the real thing. With a realistic wax finish, they even feel the same. Perfect for those cozy evenings without having to worry about an open fire. The warm glow adds atmosphere to any room. Visit our showroom in Bennekom and discover for yourself the subtle difference these candles make. You are welcome every Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. I invite you to experience the ambiance and enjoy the homely atmosphere.