Collection: LED candles for outdoors

Outdoor LED candles that are suitable for placing outside! Water-resistant candles that function as a garden candle. Deluxe Homeart candles are available in different sizes and colors.

Outdoor candles at Hillary'sHome

At Hillary'sHome you will find an extensive collection of outdoor LED candles, perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking fordinner candles,pillar candles, ortea lights, we have it all. With a convenient oneremote controlyou can remotely control various candles in different colors and shapes. The LED candles have an atmospheric glow without worrying about fire hazards.

Atmospheric LED candles for outside for every occasion

We have the ideal outdoor LED candles for a romantic dinner or special event. Combine rustic variants with LED tea lights and long candles for a warm atmosphere. Our luxurious LED candles with a moving flame look just like the real thing. Discover the possibilities of LED candles with remote control and timer now for the ultimate candle experience.

Advantages of LED candles for outdoor use

Enjoy long lasting LEDreliefwithout worries. Our indoor LED candles last up to 500 hours, are safe, and do not pose a fire or smoke hazard. Did you know that our LED outdoor candles even last up to 1500+ hours? No dripping candle wax, no risk to children or pets. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, our outdoor LED candles create carefree and atmospheric moments.

Order outdoor candles at Hillary'sHome

Order online athillaryshome.nlor visit our stores for a wide choice of LED candles. Take advantage of regular offers and view the store stock for your favorite product. Orders over €100 are shipped free of charge. Hillary'sHome, your reliable partner for LED candles!