Collection: Pillows

You can find cool cushions for a rural interior at Hillary'sHome. We have a wide range of decorative cushions made of linen and cotton. There are round, square and quadrangular shapes. You will also find various cushions with a button.

Country cushions for the sofa

A country cushion is perfect for the sofa. They are available at Hillary'sHome in various cool shades and prints. The cushions are stylish, but also practical. Our collection of throw pillows offers a perfect blend of attractiveness and comfort. They are designed to enrich the rural interior.

Small pillows

A small cushion is very easy to carry and is comfortable to sit against. They are stylish for the sofa or armchair. The cushions are handmade and can be used for decoration in many interior styles. We have black and gray cushions, among other things. The colors gray and black play a prominent role in a sturdy appearance, while they also have the flexibility to combine with other cushions andplaids.

Sturdy decorative cushions

Whether you prefer a completely cool living room or just a subtle cool accent, the Hillary'sHome cushions are ideally suited for this. A strategic placement of these decorative cushions on your sofa can make a small difference in the interior.

Quality cushions

The materials from which our cushions are made have been chosen with durability and comfort in mind. These strong fabrics not only guarantee luxury but also offer practical added value to your daily life. They are easy to maintain and provide comfortable support that you can rely on time and time again.

Order luxury pillows online

You can order luxury pillows easily, quickly and online in our webshop. With a few simple clicks you can select your favorite copies, which will then be quickly delivered to your home.