Collection: LED floating candles

You can find the LED floating candles with a realistic flame at Hillary'sHome. The floating candles on LED lighting automatically turn on when in contact with water. The lifelike flame with real flame effect and the 'molten wax' mirror look just like the real thing. Place them in a lantern with water, wooden box, pond or bowl and the enjoyment can begin!

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Deluxe Homeart LED floating candles

TheDeluxe Home artLED floating candles bring an innovative and atmospheric touch to any room. These Danish creations, wrapped in a natural-looking wax layer, give the illusion of real candles. The flame with real flame effect and the patented 'mirror' under the wick contribute to an almost tangible experience. The gently flickering flame creates an inviting and soothing atmosphere, giving any environment a warm appearance.

How do LED floating candles work?

Using the floating candles is simple. Remove them from the packaging, unscrew the bottom cover and remove the plastic tab to activate the battery. Then screw the lid firmly back onto the candle. The special thing about these candles is that they only light when they come into contact with water. With the optional remote control you can easily turn the floating candles on and off. Without the remote control, you can turn them off by removing them from the water and drying them.

Remote control for LED floating candles

The remote control provides additional functionality, such as setting a timer and adjusting the brightness of the light. Combine different sizes and colors of LED candles for an extra atmospheric effect. These beautiful wax LED floating candles are not only a visual innovation, but also provide a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Where can my LED floating candles go?

Place the floating candles in a lantern with water, a wooden box, pond or bowl with water for a super atmospheric effect. It is important to know that the floating candles only work in combination with a Deluxe Homeart remote control, as there is no on/off button. The candles have sensors on the bottom that are activated when the candle is in the water and turned on with the remote control. Please note that theled candlemust be in the water to turn it on with the remote control.

What colors of LED floating candles are there?

The floating candles are available in cream, white and pink, with dimensions of 5.5 cm high and 6.1 cm in diameter. The price is per set of 2 and includes battery, but excludes accessories. Discover the atmosphere of the LED floating candles from Hillary'sHome!