Collection: Artificial peony tulips

The artificial peony tulips at Hillary'sHome look beautiful and sturdy. These double tulips are available in different colors and lengths. The tulips are made of plastic and therefore very sturdy and durable, so they last a very long time.

Artificial peony tulips for combinations

Artificial peony tulips are perfect to combine with the typical Dutch artificial tulips. The peony tulips are perfect to use as decoration during the spring. For example, put them in a vase or pot and combine this with spring bloomers for a cool whole.

Want to buy double tulips?

You can only buy double tulips at Hillary'sHome. There is a choice of colors white, purple, dark pink and bright pink. The peony tulips are protected with a plastic cover around the tulip bulb. You can easily remove these when they are delivered to you, as this cover is purely to protect the bulb.

Artificial tulips

Of allartificial tulipsand tulips in pots we also have a wide range. Choose from cool shades and combine tulips and spring flowers for a cool and coherent whole. They are tulips that look just like real. They are made of plastic and available in different sizes. From short tulips of 25 cm to medium tulips of 30-33 cm and long tulips of 47 cm.