Collection: Countryfield LED candles

We offer you LED candles from the Countryfield brand. This is a large collection of candles in various colors and sizes. We have dinner candles, pillar candles and floating candles with a flickering flame.

Beautiful LED candles from Countryfield

What are Countryfield LED candles? Countryfield LED candles are battery powered candles. They operate on AAA or AA battery. The remote control is included with all Countryfield dinner candles. With this remote control you can control the LED candles remotely and set a timer. In addition, the LED candles have a flickering flame, which flows beautifully and simulates a real flame.


Countryfieldmeans land field orcountry. This brand sells all kinds of home accessories aimed at a cool, sober and rural interior. This also includes the cool LED candles from Countryfield. You can easily shop Countryfield LED candles online in the Hillary's Home webshop.

Countryfield LED candles 15 cm

Countryfield LED candles of 15 cmare available from us in pink, gray, taupe, white, green, black and amber. These 15 cm LED candles are relatively short, but sell better than the 24 cm dinner candles. These Countryfield LED dinner candles operate on 2x AAA batteries and are easy to use with the remote control.

Countryfield LED candles 24 cm

Countryfield LED candles of 24 cmare traditional long candles that run on battery. These LED dinner candles are available from us in cream, gray, taupe, black, white, green, gold and pink. A wide choice of colors and fun to combine different Countryfield candles.

Countryfield LED pillar candles

Countryfield pillar candleswe offer in the colors gray, sand and black. These LED pillar candles operate on 2x AA batteries. Each LED candle feels like a real candle, because they are finished with wax on the outside. This makes the candles look real.

Countryfield LED candles with flickering flame

The light of the Countryfield LED candles flickers, making it look like a real flame. Theflickering flameUnlike a real flame, it is not dangerous to children or pets. You can get cool LED candles with a flickering flame at Hillary'sHome

Countryfield LED candles with remote control

Aremote controlcan be purchased optionally with which you can turn the candle on and off and dimmer it. These Countryfield remote controls are available separately. Please note: the candle must be lit for the remote control to work. Countryfield's LED dinner candles include a free remote control!

Countryfield LED candles with timer

Countryfield LED candles have atimerthat you can operate with the remote control. When you turn them on on the timer mode, they will burn for 6 hours. If you then leave the candles on the timer setting, the candle will automatically light again the next day at the time you activated it the first time. The LED candles burn for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours. After those 18 hours they will turn on again automatically.

Advantages of Countryfield LED candles

Long battery life

One of the advantages is the long burning time. Thanks to the use of batteries, our LED candles have a longer burning time than traditional candles. Enjoy500 hoursof the atmospheric lighting.

No fire hazard

Safety always comes first. With LED candles there is no risk of fire or smoke, dripping candle wax or flames blowing out. Safety for you, your children and pets.

Easy in use

Operate the LED candles with a flickering flamesimplewith the switch at the bottom, with thetimer functionor even with oneremote control(not included with the pillar candles).

Order LED candles

Our Countryfield LED candles can be ordered online or available in our showroom in Bennekom. Discover new offers by signing up for ournewsletterand benefit from the wide choice. Order your favorite LED candles from Countryfield easily online.