Interior & Color advice

Interior advice can be valuable. Take the first steps with me towards an interior that feels natural, is timeless and radiates peace. Creating a good basis with natural materials and beautiful earth tones is the first step in the right direction. With my interior and color advice you can continue to work from that basis and a lot is possible.

Taste the interior and color advice

During the open house days you can see in my home what the materials mentioned do with your interior. The collection consists of a diversity of furniture, fabrics, paint, lighting, flooring and sturdy home decorations that are also constantly changing and supplemented. There is also the option to visit a supplier together to make a choice. Feel free to take a look around for beautiful home decorations Online store.

Being helped with interior and color advice

Would you like to be helped on your way? I'd like to think along with you. For interior and/or color advice at home you can contact us by e-mail mail request a quote.