Collection: Lampshades

You can find national lampshades at Hillary'sHome. You can choose from a wide range of round, oval and square lampshades from Aura Peeperkorn. Nepalese and Chinese lampshades are also available from stock!

Rural lampshades that are sturdy and sober

At Hillary'sHome you will find an extensive collection of lampshades that fit perfectly with a rural interior. Whether you have a hanging lamp, table lamp or standing lamp, we have the right lampshade to complete your interior.

Various styles and materials

Our lampshades are available in different shapes, such as round, oval and square. We offer lampshades from the Aura Peeperkorn brand and our own collection. These lampshades are made of high-quality materials such as fabric, linen and velvet, and are available in various colors and patterns.

Round and oval lampshades

Round and oval lampshades are classic and timeless. They match well with any lamp base and add a subtle elegance to your interior. These shapes are perfect for both hanging lamps and table lamps.

Exotic and unique designs

For those looking for something unique, we also offer exotic Chinese and Nepalese lampshades. These lampshades have special patterns and colors that are a real eye-catcher in your interior. They are ideal for those who want to give their home a special touch.

Rural lampshades

Our country lampshades are perfect for a rustic and cozy atmosphere. They are designed to give a warm and inviting look to any space. The lampshades match well with wooden furniture and othersrural accessories.

Table lampshades

Table lampshades are a great way to add extra light to your living room, bedroom or office. Our table lampshades are both functional and decorative. They fit perfectly on a side table, bedside table or desk.

Hanging lampshades

Our hanging lampshades are ideal for above the dining table or in the hall. They create a cozy atmosphere and provide sufficient light. Hanging lampshades in a country style add a rustic accent to the interior.

Sustainable LED lighting

At Hillary'sHome you will also find LED lighting that is energy efficient and sustainable.Led lampslast longer than traditional lamps and can be perfectly combined with our lampshades. They provide a bright and warm light, ideal for a cozy atmosphere in the home.

LED candles and electric candles

In addition to LED lamps, we also offer LED candles and...electric candlesOn. These are perfect for mood lighting and match well with the country style of our lampshades.

Lighting accessories

To complete your lighting, we offer various accessories, such as dimmers, extra cables and hanging systems. With the right accessories you can tailor your lighting perfectly to your needs and create the desired atmosphere in your home.

Useful extras

Complete your lighting plan with our lighting accessories. They are designed to enhance your lamps and give your home the perfect atmosphere.

Visit our showroom

Would you like to view our collection of lampshades in real life? Then visit our showroom in Bennekom, Gelderland. We are open every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect lampshade for your home. Visit ourOnline storeand discover the possibilities of rural lampshades at Hillary'sHome!