Collection: Artificial ornamental grasses

Looking for artificial ornamental grass? Absolute! Who wouldn't want to bring those cheerful grasses into their home? And the best part? No hassle with maintenance or ugly winter wilt. Our ornamental grass looks just like the real thing. With various types, colors and sizes you can go in any direction. Let your creativity run wild!

Artificial ornamental grass for the home

Artificial ornamental grass steals the show in any setting – at home, in the office, in the catering industry, in the garden, everywhere! This forms solo or in groupsartificial planta beautiful separation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the shore of a quiet lake, enjoying a beautiful sunset. And to convey that experience down to the last detail, our artificial grass plants are of top quality and almost indistinguishable from the real deal!

What is ornamental grass in reality?

Look at that majestic ornamental grass, rooted in moist soil, reaching for the sun, blades swaying in the wind. This grass plant, known as ornamental grass, is now increasingly found in gardens, homes and offices. However, the large-scale use of this decorative grass only started late in history, around the 20th century, but has since gained ground. Ornamental grass shines in both summer and winter, with the morning sun caressing its graceful stems. A real eye-catcher in combination with colorfulartificial flowers!

Discover our versatile range of artificial ornamental grasses!

A plant with so much allure deserves all the attention. That is why we offer a wide and varied range of artificial ornamental grasses. From modest to large, from low to high, from individual plants to bouquets and branches, from green to flowering, from affordable quality to exclusive luxury designs. This gives you the freedom to follow your own style. Have you seen that multifunctional, practical artificial Pampas grass branch yet? Ideal for in onebin,dish, pot,bouquet, or even avase. What will be your choice?

Which artificial ornamental grasses will you use?

Have you already thought about how you will put together your dream creation? Discover the different types, sizes and versions in our webshop. One thing is certain: all our ornamental grasses are so detailed and faithfully reproduced that they can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. No shabby, transparent plants here, only high-quality, unique quality!

Which creative art ornamental grass combination do you make?

Whether you are looking for an attractive solitaire presentation at the office, a green oasis at home, or artificial ornamental grass for outside - we have it! Or opt for multiple bouquets in a long container for a relaxed company separation. Mix and match different types and colors for a complete and stylish look! With different heights you can make a powerful statement. The choice is yours to make your creative ideas come true.

Artificial ornamental grass indoors: create atmosphere and warmth!

Bring atmosphere and warmth into your interior with artificial ornamental grass. Our range offers various types and sizes, perfect for any living space. Place a beautiful pot with artificial ornamental grass on the windowsill or an impressive artificial grass plant as an eye-catcher in the living room. The advantage? No green fingers required – your artificial ornamental grass always remains in top condition, without the hassle of watering, pruning or repotting!

Want to buy artificial ornamental grass? Only the best quality!

Buying artificial ornamental grass online is easy and affordable at Hillary'sHomeartificial plants. Quality is paramount at every stage, from carefully recreated design to hand wrapping and modelling. No compromises in materials, no savings. Our artificial grasses are detailed and faithfully reproduced, with plastic/silk stems and side shoots.