Collection: Vintage & More LED candles

Vintage & More LED candle collection! A new brand that we now sell! These candles are exactly the same as the Countryfield candles, the Countryfield remote control also works on the Vintage & More candles.

Wax candles

LED candles from Vintage & More are finished with a wax layer. This collection of LED candles are the same LED candles as the Countryfield candles. The Countryfield remote control works on all LED candles from Vintage & More! Read on if you want to know what makes these LED candles so special.

Candles that look just like real?

LED candles from Vintage & More reproduce the atmosphere of real candles, but with added benefits. Vintage & More candles are LED candles with a moving flame. The candle is finished with wax. This makes the LED candles look just like real! No more worries about dripping candle wax or fire hazards, just the warm glow of authentic-looking candlelight.

Battery powered LED candles

One of the highlights of the Vintage & More collection is the use of batteries. No hassle with cables or sockets - place the candles wherever you want, in the living room, kitchen or at work and enjoy ultimate ease of use. This wireless freedom offers new possibilities for rural decoration, whether it concerns an attractive dinner or a relaxing evening on the terrace.

Dinner candles and pillar candles

Our Vintage & More collection includes a wide range of LED candles, including LED dinner candles and LED pillar candles. The dinner candles are perfect for a refined table setting in a country style, while the pillar candles offer a more rustic and sturdy look.

Other brands

In addition to the Vintage & More collection, I invite you to explore my other brands.Countryfieldis known for its workmanship and beautiful designs, whileDeluxe Homeart candlesappear slightly more real and there is more choice in color. Each brand has its own unique characteristics, but they all share my commitment to quality and style.

Rustic candles

With Vintage & More LED Candles I have adapted my rural interior and sturdy living style. From dinner candles to pillar candles, I use them on the table, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. I hope to have convinced you of the benefits ofLED candles for indoors. I also sell LEDoutdoor candles, also called garden candles.