Collection: Rugs

Discover the ultimate style upgrade for your interior with short pile rugs from Hillary'sHome. These rugs not only add warmth and texture to any room, but also provide a comfortable surface to walk on. Create an attractive and cozy ambiance in your home with our high-quality short pile rugs.

Discover the versatile collection of rugs at Hillary'sHome - Create peace and style in your interior.

Looking for the perfect addition to your interior? Discover the beautiful world of rugs at Hillary'sHome. With our extensive collection of rugs in different sizes, styles and materials, you are guaranteed to find the ideal rug that suits your personal taste and interior. Nice tofurnitureto put on your carpet like aside tableordesk.

A rug is not only a functional item, but also a true eye-catcher in your home. It brings warmth, comfort and atmosphere to any room. Whether you are looking for a rug for the living room, bedroom, children's room or even outside, we have it all at Hillary'sHome.

Dimensions of our floor mat

Our rugs are available in different sizes, such as the popular 170x240 cm rug and the spacious 200x300 cm rug. This allows you to perfectly match the rug to the size of your room and the layout of your furniture.

In terms of style, we have something for everyone. From rural and vintage rugs to modern and contemporary designs. Our collection also includes short pile rugs, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Rug 170x240cm

The 170x240 cm rug is a versatile choice that fits in different rooms in your home. Whether it concerns your living room, bedroom or even your office, this rug size offers enough space to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Let your feet sink into the soft material and enjoy the comfort and style that this rug brings.

Rug 200x300cm

For those looking for a larger rug with an impressive appearance, the 200x300 cm size is perfect. This spacious rug adds a touch of luxury to your interior and is ideal for larger spaces, such as a spacious living room or dining room. It gives you the freedom to place your furniture harmoniously on the rug and create a cohesive whole.

What do we find important about our products?

At Hillary'sHome we attach great importance to quality. Our rugs are made from durable materials that are long lasting and easy to maintain. This means you can enjoy a beautiful rug in your interior for years to come.

In addition to the aesthetic value of our rugs, the comfort should not be underestimated. You can walk on the soft material with your bare feet and enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

At Hillary'sHome we strive for satisfied customers. Our rugs are carefully selected and offer excellent value for money. We understand that a rug is an investment, which is why we make sure you get value for your money.

Advantages of the foot mat rugs (rugs)

  • Warmth and comfort:Rugs provide a warm and comfortable surface to walk, sit or play on. They literally add a soft layer to your floor, making your interior feel cozier.
  • Sound-dampening:Rugs help to absorb and reduce sound, making them an excellent choice for rooms where you want to reduce reverberation, such as the living room or bedroom.
  • Stylish addition:Rugs serve as decorative elements and add style and personality to your interior. With different colours, patterns and textures you can choose a rug that perfectly suits your taste and interior style.
  • Space division:Placing rugs in strategic places can visually separate spaces and define specific areas. This is especially useful in open-concept living spaces where you want to distinguish different functions, such as the dining area and the sitting area.
  • Floor protection:Rugs provide a protective layer for your floor against scratches, scuffs and spills. Especially on hard floors such as wood or tiles, rugs ensure that your floor stays beautiful for longer.
  • Additional insulation:Rugs act as an insulating layer, allowing heat to be better retained in the room. This can help reduce energy costs and provide a more comfortable living environment, especially in the colder months.
  • Versatility:Rugs are available in different sizes, shapes and materials, making them suitable for any room in the home. Whether you are looking for a rug for the living room, bedroom, children's room or even the terrace, there is always a rug that meets your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your interior to life with a beautiful rug from Hillary'sHome. Create peace, style and comfort in your home and enjoy the warmth and atmosphere that a rug brings every day. Visit our store or view our collection online and find the perfect rug that completes your interior.