Collection: Rural plaids

You will find the most beautiful and coolest plaids at Hillary'sHome. A rural plaid can be used as decoration on the couch, but also to keep yourself warm. They are available in different colors and textures.

Large and small plaids

You can find large and small plaids at Hillary'sHome in various colors and sizes! These are not only nice for decoration, but also keep you nice and warm. A large plaid can be quite heavy. Then go for a slightly smaller plaid that can also keep you nice and warm!

A plaid is fun to wearpillowsto decorate. This can be on the couch or on the bed in the bedroom. Cushions are also available indoors. Here you can get onecushion coverof your choice when ordering.

Plaid with sleeves

A plaid with sleeves keeps your body warm and is ideal in the colder months. They not only offer comfort, but are also very practical. They are available in different colors in the webshop. This plaid with sleeves is also called 'snuggie'.

XXL plaids

The XXL plaids from the Hillary'sHome collection are ideal during the winter for those moments when it is bleak and cold outside. Our throws are made from the softest wool and offer a wonderful experience of cocooning on the couch. They are not only a practical choice for those who have a little more height, but also perfect for those moments when you want to cozy up as a couple, with a pet, or just want to snuggle under one throw for that little bit of extra comfort. In an uncertain time when energy prices fluctuate and, above all, rise, an XXL plaid offers an economical solution to turn the heating down a degree and still stay warm.