Collection: Bowls, Troughs & (Grotters) Containers

You can get wooden bowls, troughs and containers at Hillary'sHome. Large range of wooden products from small to large. All bowls, troughs and containers are unique because they are made of wood. Use them for decoration on your coffee table, windowsill or kitchen island, because they are a real eye-catcher in your interior.

Bowls, troughs and containers

Bowls, troughs and containers are perfect for the country style. Use them as interior decoration and combine them for a cool and coherent whole. With a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, these versatile items add a touch of character to any space. In this beautiful collection you will see all our bowls, troughs and (groat) containers from Hillary'sHome, where we explore the benefits and applications of these versatile pieces.

Aura Peeperkorn bowl, container or trough

In ourAura Peeperkornrange you will find bowls, bowls, ornaments, lamps, lampshades and other special items, they can all be found here online. Would you rather see it in real life? Which can! You are very welcome in our showroom in Bennekom to view all productsAura Peeperkornto watch.

Unique accessories from Aura Peeperkorn

The Aura Peeperkorn brand used to be known forlampsandlampshades. Then it was a wholesaler in only these products. The company was founded in 1996, in recent years it has grown into a well-known and genuine interior brand. Aura Peeperkorn is now known for sober furniture, beautiful lamps, authentic pieces and beautiful matchinghome accessories. A brand that works well in different interiors, from rural and industrial to a classic interior.