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A concrete statue belongs in a rural interior. Concrete radiates tranquility and the tones are sturdy and sober. You will find concrete statues at Hillary'sHome from large busts to small statues on a pedestal or console.

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Here you will find beautiful concrete statues for your home. These statues are perfect for any garden and will last a very long time. In this guide we tell you everything about our concrete statues and how they can make your garden more beautiful.

Why choose concrete statues?

Concrete statues are very popular because they are strong and weather resistant. They can withstand rain, sun and even frost. This makes them ideal for every garden in the Netherlands. Our images come in different styles, from modern to classic. This way there is always an image that suits your taste.

Each concrete statue in our collection is made by hand. This means that every image is unique. So you always get something special. The photo shows an image, but the image you get may differ slightly in terms of finish or color tones. Moreover, these images are easy to maintain. You can clean them with soap and water. This way they remain beautiful, year after year.

How do you choose the perfect concrete sculpture?

Choosing the right concrete statue for your garden depends on a few things. Consider the size of your garden and the style of your house. Large statues fit well in spacious gardens, while smaller statues are better for a modest space. Remember that one image is nice, but a set of two images often gives an even cooler look to the overall picture.

Also think about the atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a quiet corner to relax? Then choose images with soft shapes and natural themes. For a more dynamic look you can opt for abstract images.

You can view all concrete sculptures in the Hillary'sHome webshop. We have photos and descriptions to help you choose. You can always contact us for advice. Our team is happy to help you find the perfect image.

How do you maintain concrete statues?

Maintaining concrete statues is simple. Here are a few tips to keep your images beautiful:

  1. Clean the statue regularly with water and a soft brush.
  2. In winter you can cover the statue to protect it from frost.
  3. Check the image occasionally for cracks or chips. Repair these quickly to prevent damage.

By following these simple steps, you will ensure that your concrete sculpture remains beautiful for years to come. The concrete statues from Hillary'sHome are a great investment for any garden.

A concrete statue in Gelderland

You can view a concrete statue live in the Hillary's Home showroom. Open every Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. They are strong, durable and look beautiful. With proper care, these statues can last a lifetime. Browse through our collection on the website and find the image that suits you.