Collection: LED dinner candles

LED dinner candles with moving flame and wax finish. The most beautiful dinner candles with remote control and timer are available from us. Choose from a wide range of short dinner candles or long dinner candles in different colors.

Dinner candles with remote control

Our range consists of dinner candles with remote control. This also allows you to set a timer. There is a push button at the bottom of the candles to manually turn the candle on and off. When using the timer, the candles light automatically. The candle is on for 6 hours with a timer and then goes out for 18 hours. Thefake candlesso they come on at the same time every day. So you really don't have to think about anything! Only the battery in these LED candles needs to be replaced occasionally. If you want, you can also switch it on and off manually.

Countryfield and Deluxe Homeart candles

Our collection includes brands such asCountryfield,Vintage & MoreandDeluxe Homeart. These modern candles add subtle atmospheric light to your interior, while the built-in timer offers convenience. Suitable for various occasions, they bring a peaceful atmosphere into your home.

Short stick candles

Short LED dinner candles, each 15 cm long, are available per 2 pieces at Hillary'sHome. With these candles you can effortlessly add a warm atmosphere to any occasion. The subtle light gives a cozy appearance without the hassle of real candles. Enjoy fun without worries. Perfect for any setting. View them in my showroom in Bennekom or order them easily onlineOnline store. Easily add a touch of warmth to your interior. Discover it yourself!

Long taper candles

Discover our long LED dinner candles, perfect for ambiance in your home. With a length of 25cm, they fit effortlessly into various interiors. These candles are not only stylish, but also practical because of themLED-lighting. Create coziness without the hassle of dripping candle wax. Enjoy the warm glow without worries. Easily add a touch of elegance to your space with these elongated LED dinner candles. Make every night special.