Collection: Lanterns

You can find glass lanterns at Hillary'sHome. From lanterns with metal flakes to lanterns with bubble glass. Nice to decorate with. Nice to put LED candles in a glass lantern for atmospheric light when it is dark in the evening. Rural lanterns are available in various types and sizes.

Rural lanterns

Rural lanternsmade of glass are more than just decorative accessories. They capture the beauty of candlelight and envelop it in an aura of elegance. At Hillary'sHome we offer a varied collection of glass lanterns that can create an enchanting atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Here you will discover why these stylish and functional pieces are a must-have for your interior.

Glass lanterns

Glass has the wonderful property of spreading light in a beautiful way. Glass lanterns provide a soft and warm glow, perfect for creating a relaxing and atmospheric ambiance in any room.

Lanterns for indoors and outdoors

Our glass lanterns are versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Place them on youdinner table, windowsill, or use them asreliefon your terrace or in the garden for a touch of magic during warm summer evenings.

Functional and stylish lanterns

In addition to providing lighting, glass lanterns also have a decorative value. They add character and style to your space, even when the candles are not lit.

Protective lanterns

The word "lantern" says it all: these beautiful pieces are designed to protect candles from the wind. This makes them ideal for outdoor areas, so you can enjoy candlelight without worrying about flames blowing out.

Lanterns with metal flakes

You can find the lanterns with metal flakes in our webshop. From sleek and modern designs to more traditional lantern styles, you can choose a lantern that perfectly suits your personal taste and decor.