Collection: Esatto lye stain & wax varnish

Essato lye stain and wax varnish gives your furniture, floor or windowsill a fresh or aging effect. Available in test pots of 50ml, bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 1L. Choose from a wide range of lye stains, wax varnishes and specials.

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With Esatto lye stain you give your interior a cool look. Discover why lye stain from Hillary'sHome is the stain you need. With our high-quality products you can transform your living space into a unique and attractive environment. With a user-friendly stain, creating a beautiful result is within reach.

Getting started with Esatto lye stain

Lye stain can be applied with a brush. You should shake the product well before use. It is also possible to choose to dilute the lye stain up to 50% with water, which will lighten the color of the lye stain. After 6 hours of drying time you could possibly apply a second layer, this will make the color darker.

Mix lye stain

It is possible to mix the lye stains together. You can finish the lye stain with a sealer; matt & strong to prevent circles, but also to preserve the color. It is better to apply this sealer too thinly and in multiple layers, rather than 1 thick layer for a better result. After 30 days the mat is fully hardened, so be careful with damp surfaces during the first 30 days!

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With lye stain from Esatto you can give your wooden furniture a unique look. This gives the material an aging effect. Tackle your bedroom, living room, kitchen or other space and make the result a beautiful reflection of your style and taste that suits you! Free shipping from €100. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or orders. That is the service of Hillary'sHome!