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Gusta Solar lantern rattan

Gusta Solar lantern rattan


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Enjoy every day with this Gusta Solar lantern rattan on solar energy!

Imagine, it is almost dark in the evening. The sky is dusk and you are sitting outside (or inside!) enjoying your drink. And suddenly lights go on in your garden. It is the Gusta Solar lantern rattan that illuminates your garden, creating an atmosphere that is described as cozy, attractive and warm.

The Gusta Solar outdoor rattan lantern works on solar energy. They charge themselves during the day and turn on automatically when it is dark. Very attractive around your terrace, along your path, around a pond or swimming pool, along your plant border, etc. But it's also nice to put a few in a pot on your balcony. The hanging lamp is 22 cm high without handle and is 19 cm at its widest. The hanging lamp is 35 cm high with the handle. There is no hook or chain with the hanging lamp.

Be careful with this garden lantern/hanging lamp!

  • Please note that the working time for a solar powered product is weather sensitive.
  • Make sure to turn on the switch before use.
  • Install the lamp in a location with full, direct sunlight.

Product features garden lantern/hanging lamp

  • Colour: reed colour
  • Length: 22cm high
  • Diameter: 19cm
  • For outside
  • Material: Metal
  • Unique
  • A real eye-catcher

Sponsored child Tracy

By purchasing this product you contribute to our sponsored child Tracy. Tracy is a girl born on March 30, 2015 and living in Kenya. She has been the sponsored child of Hillary'sHome since February 6, 2020. With every order, a small amount goes to her to provide her with food and facilities. This includes shelter, school, clothing and everything necessary to meet her needs.


You will receive a Gusta Solar lantern rattan. The box may vary, but it will be delivered to you as soon as possible!

All you have to do now is press the 'add to cart' button to redeem your unique purchase! Before you know it you will have them at home. Enjoy sitting in the garden in the evening with this garden lantern!
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