Collection: Wall plates

You can find a wall sign for the wall at Hillary'sHome. These rural wall signs are available in small and large variants with or without a print. The wall decorations come with 1 to 3 hooks so you can hang accessories on them.

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Stylish wall decoration with concrete wall signs

At Hillary'sHome you will find a unique collection of wall plates that will take your interior to a higher level. These wall signs are made of concrete, a material that offers both durability and a sturdy appearance. Whether you have a modern or rural interior, these wall decorations fit perfectly with various styles and add a robust, sober and rural atmosphere to the interior.

Various types of wall signs

The Hillary'sHome collection of wall signs offers a wide range of designs and sizes. You can choose from wall signs with prints that add an artistic element to your wall, or plain concrete signs that emphasize the natural texture of the material. With options ranging from 20 cm to 65 cm, and with one to three hanging hooks, there is always a wall sign that suits your specific wishes and needs. You can, for example, hang a cloth or tuft on the hanging hooks.

Sustainability and quality

Concrete is a very durable material, which means these wall signs will last for years without losing their beauty. The robust nature of concrete makes thisrural decorationsideal for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the high-quality materials ensure that each wall sign retains its color and texture, even after prolonged use.

Versatile rural wall signs

The versatility of these wall signs makes them suitable for any room in your home. Hang a large, striking sign in your living room as an eye-catcher, or combine different sizes and designs for a gallery effect in your hallway. These concrete wall decorations also add a stylish and rustic atmosphere to the kitchen or bedroom.

Easy installation and maintenance

The wall boards are supplied with one to three hanging hooks, making them easy to attach to the wall. In addition, concrete wall signs require little maintenance; a simple cleaning with a damp cloth is often enough to keep them looking like new. This makes them a practical choice for busy households that still want to maintain a stylish appearance.

Personalizing a concrete wall sign

One of the biggest advantages of concrete wall signs is that you can personalize them to your taste. Whether you choose a wall sign with a unique print, an inspiring quote, or a minimalist design, you can fully tailor your wall decoration to your personality and style. This gives a unique and personal touch to your interior.

At Hillary'sHome you will find the perfect wall plates that complete your interior. With their robust appearance and versatile designs, theseconcrete wall decorationsa must-have for every home. Discover the possibilities and choose the wall plate that best suits your style.