Collection: Stay

You can find greenery lying or hanging on the wall or front door at Hillary'sHome. From large to small gardens with real branches, artificial flowers and artificial branches.

Green work is a must

A cluster of greenery is ideal to brighten up your home. These large or small additions add life to any interior. Put them on the table, in the hall or wherever.

Different types of places to stay

We offer relaxation in many styles. Choose from greenery, artificial branches or special seasonal variants. Each tuft is carefully composed and easy to place. This can be hung on the wall or lying on the table. There is also a tuft on the front doorwreathto boast.

Fresh tuft

Our food is always freshly made. So you can rest assured that you will receive a fresh dollop when you order online from us.

Artificial branches tuft

Our artificial branch tuft looks just like real, but does not require any care. Enjoy for a long timegreen, without watering or pruning. Perfect for busy people who don't have time for plant care at all.

That perfect green tuft

A green tuft suits many styles. From modern to classic, there is always something that suits your interior. Our green decorations are made by hand and are therefore unique.

Why order a tuft?

Our accommodations are not only beautiful, they are also affordable. Choose a sustainable option that will last for years. A small investment for long enjoyment.

Visit our home furnishings store orOnline storeand find the perfect spot for your home. Easily add a piece of nature with a beautiful tuft.