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Esatto lye stain castle oak

Esatto lye stain castle oak


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Castle oak lye stain has a warm brown tone. On spruce/pine this again turns out slightly paler than on oak and teak.

Lye stain is a color stain that can be used for various purposes, for example to age or gray furniture. The product is intended for use on oak wood, scaffolding wood, pine or teak wood.

In the wood photos you see the wood in the middle that is untreated, the light color next to it has been treated once with lye stain. The dark color has been treated twice with lye stain.

You can apply different layers, according to your wishes. The more layers, the darker the effect will be. It is therefore wise to test a piece on the bottom or side first. Yield: 8-10 m2 per liter, depending on the type and porosity of the substrate.

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