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Candlestick Benny terracotta Gommaire (Left)

Candlestick Benny terracotta Gommaire (Left)


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A sturdy, but also elegant candlestick from the Gommaire brand.
The candlestick is approximately 10.5 cm high and has a diameter of 19 cm at its widest.
The opening at the top has a diameter of approximately 14.5 cm for a pillar candle, lantern or bell jar.
Each candlestick is handmade and unique, which means they differ slightly in shape and color (sometimes
more towards black, sometimes more towards grey), but can be combined well with each other and the vases and pots from Gommaire.
There may also be imperfections in the candlestick.

The candlestick is supplied without the large lantern punch, but can be ordered in the webshop.
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