Battery powered candles

Battery-powered candles are available at Hillary'sHome in various sizes and colors. These rustic and electric candles can be operated by remote control with timer. You can shop the most beautiful candles at Hillary'sHome.
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LED candles

These LED candles have a wax layer, which makes them feel real. The candles are battery operated and have a realistic flame that flickers. The beautiful LED candles are available in various colors and sizes.

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LED dinner candles

Straight LED dinner candles operate on battery and are available in different colors. There are also short and long dinner candles that work on a remote control and timer.

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LED pillar candles

Battery-powered electric pillar candles have a rustic appearance. LED candles can be operated remotely with a remote control and timer. Available in different colours. Also 3 wick pillar candles available.

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LED tea lights

Our beautiful LED tea lights with a flickering flame look just like the real thing. The tea lights are available in both small and large sizes. The tea lights run on battery and are easy to use.

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LED floating candles

LED candles that float in the water are ideal for a pond, tub or lantern. The floating candles light up when they come into contact with water.

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LED outdoor candles

LED candles that are suitable for outdoor use have a resin layer around the wick. This makes the garden candles seem to really burn. The candles are water-repellent and perfect for outdoors.

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Remote control for LED candles

A remote control for LED candles contains an on/off switch and timer. This allows you to control the LED candles remotely. The Deluxe Homeart and Countryfield brand remote control are available.

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Batteries for LED candles

LED candles run on batteries. Shop batteries for your candles and let the cozy and flickering light of your LED candle burn.

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