Collection: Wooden bowls

Wooden bowls fit perfectly in a rural interior. Combine wooden bowls and containers and fill them with seasonal products such as artificial tulips, grapes or Easter eggs. Wood products are not only sturdy but also strong and sober, in short, perfect for an interior focused on the country style.

Rural wooden bowl

Arural wooden bowlbelongs to the country style. There is a choice of wooden bowls of all shapes and sizes. Combine sets for a cool and coherent whole. For example, fill a wooden bowl with artificial flowers in a pot and finish it with fresh moss. We think it is important that your interior radiates tranquility and is a place to relax. Go for a cool eye-catcher in your interior.

Decorative bowl

Adecoration bowlyou can buy it at Hillary'sHome. Choose from a wide range. The decorative bowls are sturdy, made of thick wood and therefore feel heavy. The bowls are not waterproof, but can be used for decorative purposes. Choose a nice bowl and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible!

Large wooden bowl

Alarge wooden bowlyou can buy it at Hillary'sHome. From elongated bowls to large round bowls, choose a bowl that suits your interior and becomes a real eye-catcher. You can order the bowls online and receive free shipping with a spend of €100 or more. You can also view the bowls in real life by visiting our open day on Saturdays. You also benefit from the latest scales that are not even in the webshop yet.

Aura Peeperkorn

Aura Peeperkornbowls are sturdy and made of sturdy wood. Almost all bowls we offer are from Aura Peeperkorn. In our Aura Peeperkorn range you will find bowls, bowls,ornaments,lamps,lampshadesand other special items, they can all be found online here in our webshop.

Wooden pots and containers

In addition to bowls, we also sellwooden troughsandbaking. These are great to combine with bowls for a luxurious and cool look. For example, put them on the table or on your windowsill and decorate them withartificial flowers. We offer you a wide range of wooden pots and containers. There is always something that suits your taste and type of interior.