Collection: Purple/lilac/mauve flowers

Large assortment with purple, lilac and mauve flowers. They are darker in color than the pink flowers and that gives a cool effect. Perfect to use alone or in a bouquet. The flowers are fake, even if you wouldn't say so sometimes.

Purple silk flowers

Purple flowers are a beautiful choice for your home or office. These flowers range from deep purple to soft lilac and mauve shades. The color creates a calm yet lively atmosphere in your home.

Durable and maintenance-free

This purple oneartificial flowersare ideal for long-term use without worries. They do not need water or sunlight and remain beautiful all year round. Our fake flowers are made from high-quality silk, which makes them look realistic and feel like a real flower.

Versatile decoration options

Our collection offers a wide range of purple, mauve and lilac artificial flowers. They are perfect for arrangements at home or in the office. Combine different shades for a dynamic effect or keep it simple with one color. Would you rather go for a loose artificial flower or one?artificial bouquet? It's all possible at Hillary'sHome.

Many colors of artificial flowers

You can also view our artificial flowers by color and choose from green, white, pink, blue, cream, brown, and red, orange or yellow shades. Each flower color has its own unique color and can be combined for a personalized bouquet that you can put together yourself.

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