Collection: Tulip bouquet

An artificial tulip bouquet for in a vase or pot. Choice of different artificial tulips in combination with thyme or gale. Nice artificial flowers to look at that not only look real, but also remain beautiful in the long term. The thyme and gale are real natural products. The wild thyme provides a nice addition to the bouquet of tulips. The thyme will dry naturally and will then become a bit grayer. The same thing happens with the gale.

Tulips with thyme

Tulips with thyme are available at Hillary'sHome. Theartificial tulipscombination with thyme looks cool and fits perfectly in an interior that focuses on the country style. The thyme dries slowly and becomes browner over time. You can use the artificial tulips andwild thymeYou can also buy them separately, so you can put together your own bouquet. The thyme is available in half and whole bunches.

Tulips with gale

Tulips with gale can be purchased as a whole bouquet, but also individually. This way you can make a forest wildgaleand a bunch of fake tulips to put together a bouquet yourself. That's fantastic and there is plenty of choice. There are many combinations possible.

Artificial tulips

In addition to our tulip bouquets, we also sell other artificial tulips such aspeony tulips,parrot tulipsand tulips in a pot. A large range with different lengths, the longest tulips are 47 cm and the shortest are 25 cm.