Collection: Rural lighting

We have a wide range of rural lighting such as lamps, lampshades, LED candles and various accessories. Choose from brands such as Aura Peeperkorn, Frezoli, Countryfield and Deluxe Homeart.

Country style lighting

Rural lighting is the perfect solution to add more atmosphere to your interior. With a wide range of lighting, there is always something that suits you! From sturdy rurallampsandlampshadesto atmosphericLED candlesandstrings of lights, we have everything you need to create the right atmosphere in your home in which you feel comfortable.

Rural lamp for your living room

Rural lampsbelong to a country-style home. There is a choice of table lamps, floor lamps, baluster lamps, jar lamps and desk lamps! Our collection of rural lamps includes a wide range of designs from classic and industrial looks to a rural appearance. With different types of lighting, such as hanging lamps, table lamps and floor lamps, you can illuminate any room and recreate a cozy atmosphere. Choose a striking designer lamp that is the focal point in your interior. Or go for a quieter lamp, from large to small.

A beautiful, sturdy lampshade

With our beautiful and sturdylampshadesgive your lamps an even cooler look. Choose from lampshades in different materials, colors and patterns to find the perfect lampshade that suits your style and preferences. Whether you are looking for a cool lampshade with a calm appearance or a playful and creative addition, one of our lampshades should be the ideal lampshade for you.

Rural mood lighting

You can brighten up your children's room with ourrural mood lighting. For example, think of nice strings of lights. These party lights can also be fun to hang outside on your veranda and are a real eye-catcher. Decorative lighting can add a sense of luxury and style to any space, from the outdoors to the bedroom. Shop them now in theOnline store!

LED candles

LED candlesprovide coziness in your home. With brands such as Countryfield, Deluxe Homeart and Vintage & More, there is plenty of choice! Not only are these candles safe and easy to use, but they also provide a realistic candlelight effect thanks to their flickering flame. Enjoy the warm glow and soft flicker without worrying about open flames or dripping candle wax. Our LED candles are available in different sizes and shapes, giving you many options to decorate your interior.

LED candles for outdoors

With ouroutdoor LED candlesyou can enjoy lighting, even outside. These candles are specially designed to withstand different weather conditions. They are intended for a cozy atmosphere on your terrace, balcony or in the garden. With their long lifespan and energy-efficient properties, these LED outdoor candles are the ideal choice for illuminating your outdoor environment.