Collection: Jars

You can easily order old rural jars online at Hillary'sHome. The old jars are made of wood, stone or terracotta. In addition to a choice of material, there is also a choice of size. From large jars to smaller cheap jars, there is something for everyone. Combine several jars and pots for a cool whole.

Rural jars

You buy at Hillary'sHomerural jars. The range is large. There is a choice of dimensions of the jug. There are high and low pitchers available. High pitchers are ideal for tall onesartificial flowersand branches. The small and lower pitchers are perfect for artificial tulips or shorter loose flowers, for example. The jars and especially the tall jar vases are very fragile and that is why we pack them very well and carefully when shipped.

Wooden jars

Wooden jarsare tough and sober. These old wooden jars come in sizes from large to small. Nice to decorate with. Each wooden jug is unique. This generally means that there is only 1 of each jar. Combine several wooden jars with different sizes and style them in your interior. They are true eye-catchers!

Stone jars

Stone jarswith or without ear are both available at Hillary'sHome. The stone jars fit perfectly into a cool and sober style. It is also nice to have a colorful oneartificial bouquetto put in this jar. Especially in spring and summer. In the autumn it is nice to add some autumn-like artificial branches to go with the style of the season.

Terracotta jars

Terracotta jarsare made of unglazed fired clay. It is ceramic and therefore very suitable for outdoor use. Place a terracotta jar indoors or outdoors and add a bit of decoration. Time to enjoy the beautiful antiques!

Nepalese jars

Nepalese jarsand pots you can buy at Hillary'sHome. These wooden jars often have a rope around the neck or a lid. Genuine pieces of antiques that were once used asstorage jar. You can order the old jars online and with a spend of €100 or more there is free shipping. You can also view the jars in real life by visiting our open day on Saturdays. You also benefit from the latest jars that are not even in the webshop yet.