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Candlestick gray with taupe (3) center

Candlestick gray with taupe (3) center


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A robust wooden candle holder that can hold a tea candle.
The candlestick is 44 cm high and the base has a diameter of 13.5 cm.
The opening for the tea candle is 6 cm.
Burning candles in and on the candlesticks must be supervised.
Never leave candles burning if you are not in the same room.
NEVER let the candles burn out completely. You should extinguish the candles at least 2 cm above the edge of the candle holder.
All this to prevent fire hazard!
Do not place the candlestick above or near a stove or fireplace for the first time. The drier air can then cause them to crack. Even without a stove or fireplace, they can crack because the humidity here is lower than in the country of origin. You can already see cracks in the candlesticks, you cannot avoid this.
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