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Deluxe Homeart LED candle gray

Deluxe Homeart LED candle gray

Deluxe Homeart

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The gray LED candles from Deluxe Homeart have a wax layer for an authentic look and feel. The clever design with a patented mirror under the wick and a layer of transparent resin simulates melted wax, making the candles appear surprisingly real. They emit a flickering warm white light that imitates the atmosphere of real candles and thus provides coziness.

With the optional Deluxe Homeart remote control, use is a piece of cake: you can turn the candles on and off, program a timer and adjust the brightness. Even without a remote control, operation is easy thanks to a switch on the bottom of the candle. These gray LED candles are a practical and attractive addition to any room.

Product specification
  • Brand: Deluxe Homeart
  • Colour: Grey
  • Package contents: 1x LED candle
  • Battery(s): 2x AA exclusive (these are not included!)
  • Burn time: 500+
  • Remote control: optionally available
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