Fake flowers by color

Shop fake flowers by color at Hillary'sHome. Choice of flowers in different colors. Perfect for putting together your own bouquet. High quality fake flowers.

What is possible with our silk artificial flowers?

Kunstbloemen van zijde in boeket | Hillary'sHome

Silk artificial bouquet

You can put together an artificial silk bouquet yourself with individual artificial flowers, but we also sell pre-assembled bouquets. This will save you a lot of time... Take a quick look!

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Combineer kunsttakken met zijden kunstbloemen voor een stoer en landelijk uiterlijk | Hillary'sHome

Combine with artificial branches

Artificial branches are very nice in combination with artificial flowers. This gives the bouquet a rustic, sturdy and rural appearance.

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Hulp bij samenstellen kunstboeket | Hillary'sHome

Help with putting together an artificial bouquet

Do you find it difficult to put together an artificial bouquet or do you simply not have time for this? No problem! I am happy to take care of your worries and make the most beautiful artificial bouquets.

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