Collection: Deluxe Homeart LED candles

LED candles from the Deluxe Homeart brand are available from us in all sizes and colors. Order your LED candles with remote control now, including a dimmer and timer! Each LED candle has a flickering flame that looks just like the real thing. The candles have a resin layer under the wick, which makes it look like the candle is burning. Wide choice of dinner candles, pillar candles and tea lights in various colors.

Why choose our Deluxe Homeart LED candles?

Give your interior atmosphere with atmospheric lighting with theDeluxe Homeart LED candlesat Hillary'sHome! Whether you're looking for a warm glow for a romantic dinner or coziness for everyday use, our collection offers the perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

What kind of collection of Deluxe Homeart LED candles?

All Deluxe Homeart LED candles are intended to enrich your home with cool lighting. Our collection includes Deluxe HomeartLED tea lights,pillar candlesanddinner candles:

  • Different sizes and shapes: Choose from a range of sizes and shapes to suit your decorative needs.
  • Remote control: Control the atmosphere in any room with ease thanks to the includedremote control.
  • Realistic flames: Enjoy the authentic flame effect without the risk of an open fire: LED candles with moving flame.

Specifications of Deluxe Homeart LED candles

  • Material: High-quality materials ensure durability and a luxurious appearance.
  • To colour: Choose from a range of colors to create the perfect occasion that makes you feel good.


Our Deluxe Homeart LED candles are ideal for different occasions:

  • Romantic evenings: Bring some romance into your home with the warm white light of our LED candles from Deluxe Homeart.
  • Festive decoration: Add a luxurious touch to festive occasions with versatile lighting options.
  • Daily use: Make every day something special by lighting your living space with cool Deluxe Homeart LED candles.

Order your set of Deluxe Homeart LED candles now!

Treat yourself to the pleasure of luxurious LED lighting. Order your set of Deluxe Homeart LED candles from Hillary'sHome today and transform your house into a home.