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Tea light black | Deluxe Homeart (239163)

Tea light black | Deluxe Homeart (239163)

Deluxe Homeart

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These LED tea lights in the color Black look just like the real thing, they have a layer of resin on the wick, which makes it look like the candle is really burning and the candle wax becomes liquid.
The light flickers, making it look like a real flame.
The candle has a diameter of 4 cm, is 4.5 cm high and runs on 1 button cell battery that is included per candle.
You can order a remote control to turn the candle on and off, set a timer and adjust the strength of the flame.
The remote control does not work/does not work properly with the black candles.
The candle can also be turned on and off manually.
For indoor use.
They are supplied 2 in a box.
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