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Wax varnish Almost black 500 ml

Wax varnish Almost black 500 ml


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With Wax Varnish you can give your painted surface an aged look, but it also serves as a protective layer. It is water-based, stain and heat resistant and gives a patinated appearance. Wax varnish is ideal for kitchen cabinets, furniture, paneling, stairs, wooden floors, garden furniture and floorboards.
The wax varnish can be applied to lye stain, chalk and lime paint.

It is always wise to test a piece on the bottom or side first.
I can also order the wax varnish for you in the desired color in 1 liter or 2.5 liters.

Yield: 3 m2 per 250 ml
Instruction manual text comes from Esatto.

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