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Pillar candle sage green 10x10cm Deluxe

Pillar candle sage green 10x10cm Deluxe

Deluxe Homeart

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LED lighting in the form of LED pillar candles. A beautiful LED candle to look at. With a size of 10x10cm, this plump pillar candle is one of the larger sizes in our range. We also offer you other sage green LED candles such as tea lights and other sizes of pillar candles. Have fun shopping!

Product features pillar candle salvie green 10x10cm

  • Brand: Deluxe Homeart
  • Diameter: Ø10cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • Color: sage green
  • Package contents: 1x LED candle
  • Battery(s): 3x AA exclusive (these are not included!)
  • Burn time: 500+
  • Remote control: optional
  • Unique

Are you looking for a different color candle or size? Check out our range of LED candles for indoor use ! Also nice: LED candles that are water resistant. That is the range of LED candles for outdoor use .

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