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LED pillar candle gray 10x15cm | Deluxe Homeart

LED pillar candle gray 10x15cm | Deluxe Homeart

Deluxe Homeart

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A large LED pillar candle in gray from the Deluxe Homeart brand. We have a wide range of LED candles from this brand, including pillar candles, dinner candles and tea lights! With a size of 10cm wide and 15cm high, this is a large size LED candle! The remote control can be purchased optionally, with which a timer can be set. In addition, the brightness of the light can be adjusted.

NB! The wick of the candle is not always straight or exactly in the middle. This is part of it. This is just like a real candle.

Product information LED candle
✓ Diameter: 10 cm
✓ Height: 15 cm
✓ Color: Gray
✓ Battery(s): 2x AA exclusive
✓ Burn time: 400+

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