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Tray 80 x 80 own label Hillary'sHome (bottom)

Tray 80 x 80 own label Hillary'sHome (bottom)


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A black wooden tray measuring 80 x 80 cm with a beautiful ornate edge of your own design.
A somewhat sleeker model that fits very nicely into the country style, but also looks good in a sleeker or classic interior.
Beautiful with a set of lanterns, jars, or vases with floating candles.
The tray can also be used outside under a canopy, but it should not be left in the rain and should be brought indoors in the winter. The tray is not tight, there may be imperfections and scratches in/on it, this is normal.
Transport costs on request due to the dimensions.
The tray is also available in the following sizes:
30 x 30 cm
40 x 40 cm
45 x 45 cm
50 x 50 cm
60 x 60 cm
70 x 70 cm
65 x 35 cm
80 x 40 cm
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