Collection: Lye stain & paints

With the Esatto lye stain and paints you can give furniture and accessories a makeover. With Essato lye stain you choose sustainable and high-quality paint products that give your furniture or floor a fresh new touch. View our range of Esatto lye stains and paints here. Are you looking for something specific but can't find it? No problem. Contact me and I will help you find the suitable product .

Create a beautiful look: lye stain and paint for your project

Do you want to give your interior a new look? Discover the power of lye stain and paint from Hillary'sHome. With our high-quality products, such asEssato lye stainand an assortmentto paint, you transform your living space into a unique and attractive environment. With easy-to-use paint rollers and paint brushes, and even paint-by-numbers for adults, creating beautiful results is within reach.

Discover the 7 benefits of this category and be inspired to get started yourself.

1. Lye stain: Bring character and warmth to your interior. With Essato lye stain you can give wooden furniture and surfaces a unique look. By using natural ingredients, the wood is subtly discolored, while the grain structure is preserved. Create a rural and rustic atmosphere in your home with the warm tones and depth that lye stain offers. 2. Paint: Give your walls and furniture a makeover. Discover our extensive range of paints that give you endless possibilities to renew your interior. Whether you want to paint your walls a new color or refurbish your furniture, our paints provide a durable and high-quality finish. Choose from a wide range of colors and textures to create the perfect atmosphere in your living space. 3. Sustainable quality: Enjoy your creations for a long time. Our lye stains and paints are of high quality and provide durability and long-lasting beauty. With proper preparation and application, your projects will look great for years to come. Enjoy the results and the added value that these products offer to your interior. 4. Easy to use: For both beginners and experienced DIYers. Whether you're an experienced handyman or just getting started with DIY projects, our lye stains and paints are easy to use. With useful instructions and tips you can get started right away. The paint rollers and paint brushes provide an even and professional application, while the paint by number sets provide a fun and relaxing activity for adults. 5. Personal expression: Make your interior unique. With lye stain and paint you can express your personal style and taste in your interior. Create a unique and personalized space that suits you completely. Play with colors, textures and techniques to create an environment that reflects your personality and in which you feel at home. 6. Country living: Bring the charm of the countryside to your home. Do you dream of a rural living style? You can create that atmosphere with our lye stain and paints. Give your furniture and walls a rural look with warm, natural tones. The authentic and rustic look of lye stain adds a touch of country charm to your interior. 7. Versatility: Applicable to various materials and surfaces. Our lye stains and paints are suitable for different materials and surfaces. Whether it concerns wooden furniture, walls, doors, or other objects, you can use these products on various surfaces. This way you can transform your entire living room in the same style. Choose the power of lye stain and paint from Hillary'sHome and transform your bedroom, living room, kitchen or other spaces into a rural paradise. Give free rein to your creativity and enjoy an attractive, personalized and unique living environment. Give your interior a new dimension with lye stain and paints from Hillary'sHome. With an extensive range of Essato lye stain and various paint products, you can transform your bedroom, living room, kitchen and other spaces into an oasis of style and beauty. Discover the benefits and be inspired to take your interior to a higher level. With the perfect combination of quality, versatility and rural charm, these products are a must-have for every interior enthusiast.

Lye stain Essato

  • Add warmth and character to your wooden furniture With Essato lye stain you can give your wooden furniture a unique look. This high-quality lye stain penetrates deep into the wood and creates a beautiful warm color while retaining the natural grain structure. Enrich your furniture with a touch of rural charm and transform them into true eye-catchers in your interior. Advantages:
  • Brings warmth and character to wooden furniture
  • Preserves the natural grain structure of the wood
  • Creates a rustic country look
  • High quality for lasting results

To paint

  • Give your walls and furniture a beautiful makeover With the various paint products from Hillary'sHome you can give your walls and furniture a complete transformation. Choose from a wide range of colours, textures and finishes to create the perfect atmosphere to suit your style and taste. From subtle and modern to vibrant and expressive, the possibilities are endless. Advantages:
  • Wide choice of colours, textures and finishes
  • Durable and high quality
  • Suitable for different materials and surfaces
  • Offers endless possibilities to personalize your interior

Paint roller and paint brushes

  • For an even and professional finish With the high-quality paint rollers and paint brushes from Hillary'sHome you can carry out your painting job easily and professionally. The paint rollers ensure an even application of the paint, while the paint brushes give you control over the smallest details. This way you achieve a beautiful finish and a professional result. Advantages:
  • Even paint finish without streaks or lumps
  • Comfortable grip for effortless painting
  • Suitable for both large surfaces and small details
  • High quality for long-term use With the lye stain and paints from Hillary'sHome you bring the beauty of rural charm into your home. Give your interior a makeover with Essato lye stain and various paint products that provide warmth, character and personality. Transform your bedroom, living room, kitchen and other spaces into a beautiful reflection of your style and taste. Be inspired by the versatility and quality of these products and enjoy an attractive and personalized living environment.