Collection: Rural home decoration

Rural home decoration fits perfectly into a cool, sober and rural style. We offer you an extensive range of home decorations, including wooden horses & balls, mortars, bowls, troughs, grutters and balusters. With home decoration in the country style you opt for luxurious and sturdy products.

Create an attractive interior with rural home accessories made of wood | Hillary'sHome

Turn your house into a cozy home with the beautiful home accessories from Hillary'sHome. Our country style home decoration brings warmth and character to every room. Discover ourwooden horses,jacks,trays, troughs and grit bins, andbalusters. These unique pieces give your interior an authentic look.

Why should you have these home accessories?

They not only add style and charm to your interior, but also have practical benefits. wooden horses serve as beautiful decorative accents, while mortars are perfect for grinding herbs. Bowls and troughs provide versatility for presenting treats and decorative displays. Grocery bins are ideal for organizing small items, while balusters add elegance and character to your space.

Our home accessories have been carefully selected and made from high-quality wood, making them durable and long lasting. They are designed to fit perfectly with a rural interior and provide a warm and cozy ambiance. The natural materials and textures bring a feeling of peace and authenticity to your home.

The possibilities are diverse!

Whether you want to transform an entire room or simply add a touch of country style to your interior, our home accessories offer endless possibilities. Mix and match different items to create your own unique look. The versatility of wood makes it easy to match the accessories to your existing decor.

What is our range of home decoration?

Wooden horses
Bring a touch of rustic charm to your interior with our beautiful wooden horses. These decorative pieces are handmade from high-quality wood and make a unique addition to any room. The natural finish and detailed design provide an authentic look. Place a wooden horse on a sideboard, shelf or windowsill and immediately create a rural atmosphere. These timeless pieces are perfect for horse lovers and will add a touch of elegance to your interior.

Our wooden mortars are not only functional, but also decorative. They are perfect for grinding herbs and spices, giving your dishes a delicious taste. The wooden material provides a natural and warm look in your kitchen. In addition to their practical use, the mortars can also serve as decorative accents on a shelf or countertop. With their unique shapes and textures they are real eye-catchers. Give free rein to your creativity and enjoy the versatility of these wooden mortars.

Bowls, troughs and grit bins
Add a touch of country flair to your table setting or decorative displays with our bowls, troughs and groats containers. These versatile pieces offer countless opportunities to express your creativity. Use them to present fruit, bread or other treats during a festive occasion, or fill them with decorative items such as candles, flowers or small collections. The natural wood finish gives a warm and inviting look to any room. With bowls, troughs and grit containers you can vary endlessly and create your own unique style.

Bring character and elegance to your interior with our wooden balusters. These decorative elements are perfect for accenting stairs, railings, furniture and more. The detailed carvings and refined finish give a feeling of timeless beauty. Place them as individual decorative accents in your interior or use them as part of a larger architectural element. With their classic yet sturdy appearance, the wooden balusters add a touch of sophistication to any room.

What do we consider important?

At Hillary'sHome we value quality, style and customer satisfaction. Our home accessories are carefully packaged and shipped, so that they arrive at your home in perfect condition. We strive for excellent service and personal attention for every customer.

Enrich your interior with the timeless beauty of rural wooden home decoration. Discover the subcategories of wooden horses, mortars, bowls, troughs and grutters, and balusters and give your home a warm and authentic look. Order your favorite home accessories from Hillary'sHome today and enjoy the atmosphere they bring.